Jonah and Noah or is it Noah or Was That Jonah, I Get Confused!

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Eateries to Consider

I like eating out. I like the fact that we have the opportunity and liberty to do so in the United States. It's almost a patriotic duty to do so. There's no lining up for a loaf of bread at the Red Star Commie Bakery for us, no taking a chance with your life, like if you wanted to eat at Ali's Shish Kabob in the Middle East. No for us a short hop in the air conditioned car can convey us to a myriad of dining delights. No two places are alike and for something we should all be able to do at home, eating out is just one of the base and carnal pleasures we can enjoy, plus there is no dish washing to spoil the post meal digestion and rumination time.

One such intriguing culinary adventure brought Amy and I to the heart (or should I say bowels) of the Central Valley. Hidden in the little town of Viasalia is a place know mostly to locals, Areodogs. Yes, dogs that fly hotdogs to be specific. The owner of this property had a Corsair cargo plane converted into a dining room/hotdog stand. You can actually eat inside of an old airplane, peer out the oval passenger windows and peek into the cockpit. They did a wonderful job fixing up the plane which is good because the food was, well how to be judicious? Awful, can't say less than that if you screw up a hotdog. I got a Bratwurst that wasn't made out of Brat and the more I ate the wurst I though about it. Don't stop here for food. But if your looking for a place to stretch your legs and get a drink its worth a stop on any Central Valley adventure.

Exterior View of the Diner

An Interior View of the Diner


New Blog Feature

I've added Library Thing to the list of special features that my blog is hosting. An development in blog design ability? No - just cut and paste. The cycle of titles featured in the window are books from my own library. You can like to reviews that I've written on the books that I've read. My hope is that you may find a book that interests you enough to pick up a copy and read it. Contradicting the idea that reading takes a lot of work I think of it this way -- reading is really a lazy mans hobby-- the author did all the work, I just sit a read and think.... and benefit! Hope you enjoy.