Jonah and Noah or is it Noah or Was That Jonah, I Get Confused!

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It's finally happened, the American brain has been killed!

What follows is the hard forensic evidence that scientist would use to verify my claim.

Posh spotted at Valley eatery
Daily News

Victoria "Posh" Beckham wasted little time in exploring the distant reaches of her new home city.
Over the hill and far away from her Beverly Hills mansion, Posh dined Tuesday in Woodland Hills at the T.G.I. Friday's in Warner Center. Spotted by an off-duty Daily News reporter out for a beer, Posh sipped something from a straw and ate something from a plate. Further details were unavailable thanks to a couple of large bodyguards in front of her table.
Posh had her three boys in tow - the two eldest sporting soccer attire in a nod to soccer star papa David Beckham. Posh opted for an off-shoulder gray T-shirt - revealing her Hindi neck tattoo - tight jeans, and a pair of very high heels. She did not seem to notice the two paparazzi in the parking lot. The Beckhams hopped into a convertible black Bentley and left the eatery followed by a pair of Lexus SUVs that carried their entourage.

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Commentary, not much needed.

This graced the back of the front page of our local news paper today. Such insightful observation has earned the Daily News lauds for its crack journalistic team. Granted we needed a break from the tradgety in Brazil, the bombings in Iraq and the endless violence between gangs on our own streets. The Daily News really ought to be credited for providing a community service by diverting our attention from more urgent matters by reporting on such insightful observations such as "Posh sipped something from a straw and ate something from a plate." Good job Daily News, I can't wait to see what tomorrow mornings edition will bring!

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