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Monday Morning Music: Theologically Correct (nearly) Music from Pagan Artists

Don't worry I can duck quick and run fast so any of you cultural fundamentalists out there, bring it on! I believe in the Holy Spirit and his ministry of illumination. That is if a person is to really understand what the bible is saying and what it really means, you have to have the Holy Spirit give you understanding. It's a tracendent, spiritually originated book containing the revealed will and counsel of God, frankly I'm glad we have the Holy Spirit as a helper, guiding our understanding.

But I also listing to music, lots of music and am frequently astounded at the theological statements made in the lyrics that correlate to Scripture. It's odd to think but it is possible to put together an album of biblically theologically correct music made by raving mad, god hating, rock artists.

In this regular series of posts I will posts lyrics to a song I've picked, give a little bit ob background about the band the piece and then parse the lyrics, showing along the way that some of the most notorious bands decried by some as the very representation of Satan on earth- have at times correct theology. What's more, sometimes they articulate this theology better and more concisely that I can as a seminary student!

DISCLAIMER PORTION: I do not believe you should build your theology listening to rock music, God's word is the only place to begin and end in this endeavor. I don't encourage the listening of other songs be the artists I mention because additional songs MAY NOT BE THEOLOGICALLY CORRECT! I do advocate listing to modern, popular music as a means of listening to the wisdom and logic of this world. You've got to learn where to throw your punches as a preacher and I have found secular music an invaluable guide on directing me where to punch and to fight hard against the dulling, dumbing, blinding foolishness of this world. I will not only review rock music, which oft decried as 'Satan's Music' but will also branch into Jazz and often in to Classical Music, which I often perceive gets a pass as "God's Music". I will show you better than to draw this hypocritical dichotomy! Please comment with moderation my only hope here is to provide an entertaining and insightful way to view the world around you. We live here as Christians which means for the glory of God we must understand what is happening here so we can be the most effective and influential witnesses of of Savior that can possibly be.

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